Use any of the following methods:

   Use icon    Add Items to select folders from a browser window.

   Drag-and-drop one or more folders/files onto the interface list window.

   Drop items onto ArcThemALL!.exe or its shortcut icon (LNK file).

If you activate Shell Integration, you can use the folder Context Menu to load folders, or the Send-To Menu to load folders and files.

Loading items by these methods will open new instances of ATA.


You can edit the list with the following methods:

   Use icon    Remove Selected Items from the list
to remove loaded single files or loaded folders (but not files inside those folders).

   Use icon    Clear the List to remove all items.


   The selected Action (Compress or Extract) dictates which Formats are available.

For Compression, available formats are UPX, MEW, MPRESS, UPACK, ZIP, and 7Z.

For Extraction, available formats are UPX  and Archives.

   The selected Format determines which Modes of file/folder handling are available.

Selected Format and Mode settings for each action stay in place until changed.

For processing details, see Compressing Applications  and  Archiving Files and Folders.

   Use the Output button to choose the destination folder.


Use icon    Options to open the dialog.  Select tabs to configure:

Main program settings,

advanced settings for ZIP, 7ZUPX,

advanced settings for Plugins  MEW11MPRESSUPACK.


After items are loaded and settings are configured, click the START button.

Status bar reports number of items processed, and progress bar displays completion level.
If Show console window is enabled, files being processed display in the command console.

Respond to any messages, such as password prompts, over-write confirmations, etc.

   If loaded source files are renamed, moved, or deleted before running the procedure, they cannot be processed.  Result column will report "Failed".

   Application components that are in use cannot be packed or unpacked.
Progress bar will show activity, but there will be no change in file-size.
There is also a possibility that the application packer will hang while attempting to work with a component that is locked by another process, and must be killed with Task Manager.

   ATA automatically archives files that are currently open for editing.



The list window displays the names, paths, and sizes of loaded items.

It displays each folder and subfolder name and lists the contained files.
Archive names are displayed, but not the archive contents.

See illustrations below of ArcThemALL! in action.

   Figure 1  demonstrates compression of Parent Folders Individually.

The folder is compressed as a single entity;  Result column displays its compressed size.

Files inside the folder are "Skipped" and are not compressed into individual archives.

   Figure 2 illustrates successful archive extraction.  Result column reports OK.

   Figure 3 illustrates a Failed extraction.

The source file had been re-named after it was loaded.

Note that canceling a password prompt will also result in Failed extraction.


While the process is running, the START button magically becomes a STOP button.

Click STOP if you must interrupt operations.

(ATA processes an item and then updates the list display, and also may still have operations pending when you send the command, so it might stop later than you expected.)

   If you STOP archive creation or extraction, the current archive will be completed.

   If you STOP application packing or unpacking, the current file will be completed.


When the procedure is successfully completed (or Stopped), the progress bar will be filled,
status bar reports "Done" and total number of items processed, and START button reappears.

You can Clear the List and start another task, or, exit ArcThemALL!

figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011