On the main window, click OPTIONS icon.

On the Options dialog, select Plugins tab.

Click the Configure button for MEW11.


   ApPack + LZMA  (default)

Use ApPack plus standard LZMA compression.

   ApPack Basic

Use only ApPack  (LZ-based compression algorithm)

   ApPack + Strong LZMA

Use ApPack plus Special LZMA with MEW developer's custom configuration to obtain better compression.


   Keep backup files  (ON by default)

It's recommended to keep this enabled; files cannot be unpacked and recovered after processing.

   Compress resources  (ON by default)

Resources include bitmaps, icons, cursors, dialogs, string tables.  Verify that all elements still operate and display correctly.

   Slice resources (ON by default)

Separates resource types and packs them individually, which may give better compression, but may fail with some files.  If a packed file won't work, try turning this option off.

   Strip relocation records (OFF by default)

Relocation tables are redundant for an exe,  but stripping may break some exe's.

   Strip Delphi records (OFF by default)

Strip VCLAL and PACKAGEINFO resources.

    Usage documentation can be found in the MEW installation folder.

ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011