On the main window, click OPTIONS icon.

On the Options dialog, select MAIN tab.

This tab configures program behaviors and Shell Integration.

All settings are OFF by default; tweak them as you wish.


   Window always on top

Keep window on top for easier access to drag & drop.

   Show console window

Displays files being processed in the command console.

   Check duplicates at loading

This offers to remove all duplicates from the list.  But it does slow down loading times, so default setting is OFF.

   Auto-process after loading

Process runs automatically as soon as items are loaded.

Any items still loaded in the window from a previous operation would be processed again, following duplicate files conventions for compression  and extraction .

  If ATA is closed when Auto-process is triggered, it will use the last-used settings.
If you don't know what those are, you may have undesirable results.

  Encrypt setting deactivates when ATA exits, so Auto-process can only encrypt archives while it operates in the currently open instance, with encryption activated.  Auto-process will run upon loading items with Add Items icon,
or by drag & drop onto the open window.

   Exit when done

   You might like to try this together with Auto-process for "remote" operation ---

Load items from Send To or context menu, or drop them on the exe or shortcut icon.
ATA will open, process the files using last-used settings, and close itself.

   and shut down system

This setting can be useful when processing a large job unattended.


Portable users take note, you can have temporary shell integration on any computer,
and easily clean up afterwards.

   Integrate in Folders Context menu

Add  "Load in ArcThemALL!"  to right-click context menu for folders (not for files).
A Registry entry is created.  Deactivate the setting to remove the Registry entry.

Each folder loaded from context menu will open another instance of ATA.

For example, with five folders selected, using the context menu will open five instances.

An alert message will ask for confirmation to process a large quantity of folders; you can cancel the operation to prevent computer over-load.

   Integrate in SendTo menu

Add  "ArcThemALL!"  to the Send To context menu.

Deactivate the setting to remove the shortcut icon from the SendTo folder.

Multiple items can be selected and loaded via Send To, opening one new instance of ATA.

Windows limits Sending multiple items to "non-native" targets, contingent upon file-type and size, typically 20~50 items.
Exceeding the limit raises error message "Windows cannot access device.... You might not have appropriate permissions...."

Reduce the selection and try again.

ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011