ArcThemALL! wraps a set of powerful, complex procedures in a simple, intuitive interface.  Button labels and tooltips will guide you through its use.

ArcThemALL! remembers its last screen position at start-up.  It can be set to Always-On-Top in the Options dialog, to ease drag-and-drop loading.

The window is resizable, and columns can be sized by dragging heading margins.

If a column is too narrow to display full information, hover the cursor over it to show the information in a tooltip.

The list window displays Name, Directory, and Source-size of loaded files and folders; and Results of compression and extraction.

Status bar displays program state (Ready, Loading, Running, Done)
and reports the number of items Processed / Loaded.

Hover cursor over the icons to display tooltip hints.

Click icons to Add and Remove items from the file list, and to access Options configuration dialogs. 

You may also drag-and-drop files and folders onto the window.

Click the About icon to display program information.

Select whether to Compress or to Extract, then choose an available Format from the drop-down list.  Select a Mode of file/folder-handling.

Use the Output button to choose a destination folder.

When ready to begin, click Start button to process files and folders.

To Exit the program, click the "X" close button at top right,
double-click the title-bar icon at top left, or press ESCAPE key.

ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011