On the main window, click OPTIONS icon.

On the Options dialog, select Plugins tab.

Click the Configure button for UPACK.


   LZMA Standard  (default)

High compression format, fast decompression.

   LZMA Mod (strong)

UPack developer's custom configuration to obtain better compression.


   Compress extra data  (ON by default)

   Compress icons  (ON by default)

Test to verify that icons still display correctly.  Sometimes compressed  icons can no longer be accessed.

   Strip export section  (OFF by default)

Export section will be required when running a program under WINE.

   Strip relocation records  (OFF by default)

Relocation tables are redundant for an exe,  but stripping may break some exe's.

  Files cannot be unpacked and recovered after processing.

Since UPACK console version has no backup function,
it is advisable to make a manual backup of your files.

    Usage documentation can be found in the UPACK installation folder.

ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011