ATA can create archives in ZIP, 7Z, or 7Z SFX formats, saving them to the specified Output Directory.

You can load batches of files/folders to archive, but you can process only one format at a time.

   Select Compress.

   From Format drop-down list,

select ZIP or 7Z.

   From Mode drop-down list,

select method of file/folder handling:

   Parent folders individually  (default)

Compress each parent folder into a separate archive, retaining the total internal directory structure (including empty folders).

This mode does not compress any single files.

You might use this setting to create compressed backups, when you need extracted files to exactly replicate the original file structure.

   All Folders individually

Compress parent folder and each of its subfolders into separate archives,
retaining the directory structure at each level.

This mode does not compress any single files.

Carefully consider the output of this setting if you have deeply nested folders;
the lower levels will be archived multiple times.  Setting a separate output directory can make it easier to locate and retrieve such archives.

   Files individually

Compress each file contained in folders, and each individually loaded file,
into separate archives.

This mode does not compress any folders.

   If an archive of the same name already exists in the destination folder,
a confirmation dialog asks whether to overwrite or to skip creation of the archive.

   To configure compression methods, self-extracting archives, and encryption:

Click Options icon 

Select tab to configure  ZIP  or  7Z

ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011