Multiarchiver of files and folders

ArcThemALL!  unites in a unique software:

Application compression using UPX, the "Ultimate Packer for eXecutables".

Plugin support for three additional external application compressors.

Archiving compression in the two most popular open formats, ZIP and 7Z.

Extraction of nearly three dozen commonly-used compression formats.

You're sure to appreciate the power and easy efficiency offered by ArcThemALL!

ArcThemALL! provides compression or extraction of batches of multiple folders or files with simple drag & drop loading --- feed it a stack of archives in mixed formats, and it will happily extract them all.  Shell integration adds instant access from any Explorer window, even for portable users.

Simplified configuration is designed to make your task easier.

Rather than overwhelming you with lots of complex settings, ArcThemALL! allows configuration of the major elements, and uses optimized settings for the rest so you won't have to worry about them.  Your settings are saved between sessions.

You can process your files with just a few mouse-clicks.

1.   Launch ArcThemALL!

2.   Drop on the window one or more files or folders to process.

3.   Select whether to Compress or to Extract.

4.   Select the Format to use,  and the Mode of file/folder handling.

5.   (Optionally, choose Output Directory, compression method, and/or encryption.)

6.   Click Start, sit back, and let ArcThemALL! do its work.

So, what are you waiting for?  Take a little time to get acquainted with the software. 
Try some practice runs with some sample files and folders, test different settings and formats, and decide which combinations suit you best (default settings may often be your choice). 
Then simply enjoy the drag-and-drop convenience of using ArcThemALL! for your archiving tasks.

Software created by Lupo PenSuite Team

Released under the GNU General Public License



ArcThemALL!  v4.0  April, 2011